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Mar 06

Eating Disorders: Types and Indicators

Distorted body image

Recently I posted about common myths surrounding eating disorders.  I had a wonderful response to this, and I’m so grateful to all of you for taking the time to read it.  Whilst it delighted me that people are informing themselves, it saddened me when people wrote to me about some of the things that had …

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Feb 26

Eating Disorders: Myths and Realities

Eating Disorders Facts

When I was younger, I had regular contact with at least two people who I later found out were anorexic.  I had no idea.  Many of us think that, because of high-profile cases such as the late Princess Diana, we are all highly aware of eating disorders, who gets them, and how to spot them.  …

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Feb 13

Food of Love – a Post for Valentine’s Day


If an object’s appearance reminds you of a sexual organ, is it likely to stimulate your sexual appetite?  This was certainly believed to be the case in ancient times.  Our ancestors believed that anything resembling a sexual organ would increase libido and potency when eaten.  Over the years, anything vaguely sexy, from chillis to pomegranates, …

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Jan 30

Food Trends for 2019


This week I decided to check out the flagship store of a certain ‘natural’ food and products chain.  After all, an afternoon in a food shop counts as research, right? In this case my aim was to identify food trends for 2019 in the health food industry.  Obviously a little browsing (even with a good …

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Jan 15

How to make Resolutions STICK

Female karate black belt

I’ve been hearing a lot this year about people deciding against making New Years resolutions.  They reason that you don’t need a new year to try something different; you can do it at any time.  I can certainly see where this is coming from, but I do think there is something quite motivating about getting …

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Jan 03

Spruce up your Sleep Routine

Food sources of tryptophan

Today is the Festival of Sleep Day.  Not heard of that one?  Neither had I.  Apparently it’s a day when we’re encouraged to get some extra sleep in order to recover fully from the festivities before the year really gets going. To get you started, here are some things you might like to know about …

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Nov 30

Vitamin D and You

Testing your Vitamin D levels will tell you if you're getting enough

As winter draws in, there’s a lot of talk in the air about Vitamin D.  But what is it, where can you get it, and do you really need a supplement?  This article aims to take you closer to the answers to these questions, and more. What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is a dietary …

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Oct 11

Blood pressure lifestyle advice? Take it with a pinch of salt.

Man doing tai chi

Today I look at why the conventional wisdom about lifestyle and blood pressure may not be particularly helpful, and what else to bear in mind when taking care of your blood pressure. I was reading a public post recently from a lady who wanted to know how to reduce blood pressure naturally.  I shouldn’t have …

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Sep 25

Know Your Numbers: 6 Ways to Reduce Salt

There’s been a bit of controversy about the salt/blood pressure issue in the last couple of years.  Critics claim that the obsession with reducing dietary salt has been harmful, we have gone too far, and that there’s no real evidence that reducing salt is helpful in reducing blood pressure. In fact, there have been many …

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Sep 03

Sweatember 2018 Day 2

If only I looked this good in a leotard when I'm confused - or indeed at any other time.

It’s 11pm.  I’ve been on a pharmacology course all day, followed by a mad dash to make the train for a 4-hour journey from Edinburgh to London.  I’m tired, I’m cold, I’m missing my husband and I just want to go to bed. BUT it’s Day 2 of Sweatember, and I promised to be active …

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