Dec 24

5-Day Pretox Challenge 2016 – Day 5

Here we are on the fifth and final day.  How has it been for you? Have you noticed any benefits from simplifying your eating before the holiday season?  I certainly have, and I’m delighted.  Over the last 5 days I have noticed:

  1. Weight loss – I’ve lost quite a lot of weight.  I’m not going to tell you how much, because not only would it indicate just how unhealhty my diet had become prior to the challenge, but also you might think I advocate losing a lot of weight in a short space of time, which I certainly do not.  That said, if you had put on a couple of extra pounds and were able to shed 1 or 2 of those, and feel more confident for the forthcoming festivities as a result, I’m thrilled for you.

  2. More energy – Inevitably, festive preparations take a great deal of thought and energy, and without this challenge I’m not sure I would have coped.  As it is, I’ve worked my way through most of my ‘to-do’ list (I’m an inveterate list-maker), and feel that I’m in good shape for all the things that are going on over the next few days.  I’ve also had more money in my pocket as a result of being organised about what I eat, and not indulging in luxuries just for the sake of it.  If I were to carry these habits through the year I would probably save a fair sum.  Who says healthy eating has to be expensive?

  3. A better outlook – before starting this challenge I was in a low place, but the discipline of writing every day, solving problems, devising new recipes and coming to terms with the technology has given me a huge boost.  I may not have loved trying to fix the back end of my automatic emails at midnight with a Transatlantic techie who was hoping to be home for Christmas, but I certainly have loved thinking about all the inspiring people who have been doing the Pretox with me, as well as all the people who have been reading my blog posts and who watched my welcome video.  Bugsy the dog has had well over 100 views, and I’m sure he would be delighted if he knew.

So huge thanks to everyone who has taken part, read blog posts, watched videos, or been involved in any way.  You can see what I’ve gained from this challenge in only a few short days, and I hope all of you have gained something too.  Lasting lifestyle modifications take time, but it’s good to know that sometimes a few short days can make all the difference, and that great things happen when you take care of the little things.

I’d love to know how you have benefitted from this challenge, so please do send me a message.  Hearing from my readers and challengers is always a pleaure, and knowing that I’ve made a positive difference keeps me inspired to do more.

I wish all of you a delightful holiday, whatever you do or don’t celebrate, and I hope we shall meet again very soon.

Friends socialising at home

Wherever you are, may you be blessed with joy and peace at this season.

Now let the festivities begin!

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