Dec 23

5-Day Pretox Challenge 2016 – Day 4

How are you getting on today?  I have to confess that I was rather hungry yesterday, but I’m feeling better today.  And my stomach is definitely flatter – I might just get through Christmas without being mistaken for the turkey.  Or worse, the stuffing!

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Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, there are a lot of festivities around at this time of the year, which means lots of festive food – delicious.  There are plenty of posts cautioning you not to stuff yourself and be disciplined, but I wonder how many people really do that. My guess is that if more people practiced the sort of restraint that the gurus prescribed, the ‘detox’ market would be a lot less prosperous – and a good thing too.

So my tips are for everyone, whether you go over the top with your festivities or not.  I hope they are helpful to you this year.

  1. Family Together Christmas Celebration Concept ENJOY your festive meal.  Yes, I really mean that. Not every day can be a celebration, so when the chance to celebrate comes, grab it with both hands.  This year, take the time to savour every mouthful you eat, getting the most from each sensation of taste, smell and texture.  Really apprecaite what you are eating, almost as if this were your last meal.  Not only will you enjoy your food more than ever before, but eating more slowly will enable you to feel fuller sooner, so that you are less likely to eat far too much, but you will still have had an incredible experience.

  2. Water is your friend this festive season.

    Water is your friend this festive season.

    Stay hydrated.  Human beings could be seen as big bags of fluid.  Almost every chemical reaction that occurs in the human body does so in a fluid environment, and that includes every aspect of digestion. You may be on holiday, but your digestive system and liver are working extra-hard to process foods they don’t have to deal with every day.  Help them to do their job efficiently by drinking plenty of water and teas throughout your festivities.  Keeping hydrated also keeps you feeling full – at least in the short term.  And no, alcohol does not count as part of your hydration!

  3. Let it go.  It’s human nature to expect festive times to be times of joy, but I’m sure you know as well as I do that that’s not always the reality.  The stress of preparing festive food (I’m cooking for two different festivals at the moment, I can eat any of it just yet, and don’t I just know it!) the strain of enforced jolity, and exposure to people you may avoid for the rest of the year all take their toll.  When you feel yourself starting to fray, go to a quiet place (lock yourself in the loo if there is nowhere else), and just let it go.  Do whatever works for you; visualising a time when the annoyance will be gone, breathing exercises, or (my personal favourite) belting out THAT song at the top of your voice. It will help get it out of your system, and it may even reduce the need for comfort eating.

I’ve done all I can to minimise stress this festive season; being away from people who cause me pain, being prepared with my cooking and making sure I have plenty of herbal tea bags.  But if I hear ‘Let it Go’ belting out from a toilet near me, I will know that someone, somewhere has read this and taken heart from it.  Either that, or a little girl is practicing for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.  Either way, it will make my festivities a little more joyful, and I hope it will do the same for you.

Happy holidays!

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