Jul 27

Over to You

If I have been uncharacteristically silent for the past few days it is because my computer has been at the repair shop for a few days.  I have been using the time to get some much-needed R&R myself.

I have been noticing the changes in myself since taking the £10 challenge.  I no longer ‘stock up’, but buy only what I need, and I am content with much less, and much simpler food.  I am more confident about being able to make something tasty from few ingredients, and I am more aware of how much I am spending on food.  Although it was difficult, I am pleased that I attempted it, and hope to incorporate what I learned into the way I shop, cook and eat in future.

I am still awaiting approval on my report about visiting a food bank, but if no reply is forthcoming, I may publish anyway, because this is too important an issue to be ignored.

In the meantime, July is coming to an end, as is my focus on food poverty, although I will be revisiting the subject many times.  Although I have plenty of ideas about what to write about, I am more interested in finding out what you, my readers, would like to see.  My last post but one reached over 150 people, so I know you are out there!  I am especially happy to welcome new readers, who have joined me from the Barnardo’s Facebook Page, which was kind enough to feature this blog.

Would you like to see me attempting a new challenge?  Would the low-down on nutrition-related news stories interest you, or would you prefer a focus on seasonal produce?  Is there an issue that I should be raising awareness of?  If there is something you would like to see on this blog, please comment on this post and let me know.  I will consider all rational ideas seriously, but I reserve the right to select which ones I use.  As my husband is fond of saying, “You have a vote, not a veto”.

Incidentally, did you know that there is now a new button on my website (you’ll find it on the right hand side) which allows you to follow my blog.  Blog posts will be delivered to your inbox automatically so you don’t have to worry about missing something.  For even more news, information and recipes, don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter.

I look forward to hearing your ideas very soon.

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