Jul 19

My Week for £10 – Day 7

Today I ran into Faya, author of the award-winning blog Fitness on Toast, whom I know slightly.  If you are not familiar with her blog already, I highly recommend a visit.  It is a thing of beauty, and inspires even a reluctant mover like myself to shake their booty with the best of them.

I was talking to Faya about trying to feed two people for a week for £10.  “Is it healthy?” she asked me.

Interesting question.

“It’s not the kind of ‘healthy’ that I normally eat,” I answered her, “but I am trying to be as healthy as possible in the sense of not including processed foods and avoiding refined sugar and wheat”.  Not that wheat is necessarily unhealthy, but I personally manage better without it.

The discussion of what constitutes healthy food can be complex and confusing.  Research into nutrition and health in free-living populations (those which live in an environment filled with choice, in which any number of factors could influence the outcome of a study) is problematic, and many studies contradict one another.  It’s no wonder that people can feel confused.

That’s where the Nutrition Detective comes in.  It’s a service that I offer answering people’s questions about their food choices by exploring the available literature.  It aims to enable people to see behind the headlines and empower them with the information they need to make decisions.  If you or someone you know would benefit from this service, please contact me.

Today I got to the point where I needed to supplement my larder.  So what did I buy with my remaining 46p?  My not-so-mystery ingredient was…



During the last week I have come to rely very heavily on the humble onion to add flavour and texture, as well as being an economical way to augment vegetable and fibre content.  I may very well give onions a post of their own in the near future.  My husband returned from the corner shop with 2 large onions and 6p change.  I would have liked an egg to make my lunchtime dish of special fried rice (no photo today, I’m afraid, as my food is all starting to look similar now), but I have yet to find anywhere in London selling a single egg by itself.  Perhaps someone can help me?

This evening’s meal was split pea burgers, which I have made before.  I realise this is the first time I have repeated a recipe in 7 days.

One more day to go, and tomorrow the bean chilli will definitely get made, if only because there is very little else left to cook.  Join me again then to share my reflections on the experience.

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