Jul 14

My Week on £10 – Day 2

“My wife is so resourceful that she makes noodles out of almost nothing, adds water and we have noodle soup”.

From “Tevye Wins a Fortune”  – discussed in my study group today, by coincidence.

My first disaster in the kitchen happened at lunchtime.  I had attempted to make fish cakes out of some leftover potatoes and a smoked mackerel fillet.  Either they were the wrong kind of potatoes, or it was a bad idea to mash them with the stick blender.  I got sloppy mush instead of cakes.  Luckily my husband is pretty long-suffering when it comes to food, and it still tasted good.

I had also failed to realise that split peas need to be soaked overnight before cooking.  I left them to soak after lunch, and they seemed ready by supper time.  The resulting dahl was rather spicy for my husband’s taste (the poor man is having a hard week), but at least there was plenty of it.  I even found a bit of chutney hiding at the back of a cupboard to cheer it up.

I have started to notice an extra-strong craving for sweet things, which is pretty normal for me, and for salty things, which definitely is not.  I never thought that I would miss salt, because I don’t use it.  Having a more varied diet and being able to use plenty of lemon obviously compensates under normal circumstances.

I also notice a sense of entitlement; “I’ve eaten peas and rice all day – I deserve something more interesting”.  It’s amazing how many munchable things I’ve managed to find lurking in cupboards – and I made a point of not stocking up for several days before starting this challenge.  Apart from spices and pots of condiments in various states of fullness, the cupboard was bare – or so I thought.

Without spices and some leftover fruit I think I would be starting to struggle.  As it is, it’s only Day 2, and I’m starting to wonder if I have enough for the whole week.  I suspect that by the end of the week I, like Tevye’s wife Golde, will be making soup from odds and ends.

Today’s Food:
Lunch: Not-entirely-fishcakes and peas
Evening meal: Dahl and rice

Next post: will my lentil burgers be more successful than my fishcakes?  Check in tomorrow and find out.

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