Jul 13

My Week on £10 – Day 1

As I leave for the supermarket, my husband asks, “Are you serious about this?” “Well, yes,” I reply. “It’s on the Internet now, so people will be watching”. He is a geek and respects such things, but I can see that he is worried.

Today is shopping day, and here the issues begin.  Normally I would drive to the supermarket, but I would have to spend at least £10 in-store to park the car for free.  I use the bus. It takes me longer, and I am especially aware of the grumpy bus driver who complains about having to let down the ramp for a wheelchair user, and honks at a learner driver who is having trouble with a right turn.

I have made shopping a list, but it is abandoned at the supermarket when I spot better deals.  I am delighted to find 4 tins for £1, and 5 peppers for £1.  The price of red lentils is a shock; I get cheaper yellow split peas instead.  I have to choose between smoked mackerel and economy yoghurt.  I choose the mackerel even though it is more expensive; I can make two meals from it.  I return home with the following:

1kg economy rice
2 tins tomatoes
1 tin white kidney beans
1 tin chick peas
500g dried yellow split peas
335g broccoli
300g closed cap mushrooms
5 mixed peppers (red and orange)
545g frozen peas (half price)
267g smoked mackerel
Total spend: £7.54

After teaching, I walk home via the market. I am delighted to pick up 2 good-sized aubergines and 4 huge courgettes, all for £2. I now only have 46p left for the rest of the week.

This evening my husband is feeling hungry, although we have been having quite substantial portions. Perhaps it is related to the belief that a budget meal must be a meagre one. On the other hand it is claimed that protein is the most filling of the food groups, and as it is also the most expensive, it will be in short supply this week. Perhaps that accounts for his lack of sateity.

Today we have eaten the following:

Lunch: Chickpea, broccoli and mushroom curry
Evening meal: Rice-stuffed peppers and aubergines with leftover green salad

I am told that nobody reads long blogs, so I am not going to post today’s recipes here, but will consider alternative ways of making them available. In the meantime, I have successfully eaten my way through Day 1, and look forward to the challenge of tomorrow.

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